"The everyday world is the most astonishing inspiration conceivable. A walk down 14th Street is more amazing than any masterpiece of art."

-Allan Kaprow

"The earth is so beautiful and what should I do with it?" 

-Mary Oliver


The work that I create comes from a place of sincerity, curiosity, and the search for beauty and magic in less obvious/ over-looked  places.

It’s about noticing and admiring.  It’s not about control. 

It is about collaboration- colors, lines, shapes, ideas, words bumping together- unintentional yet meaningful. 

It's not about potential, but about the splendor that already exists.

What if beauty is everywhere all of the time?

My desire is to make that visible and realized. 


Beauty is in a moment, a moment unplanned, unfinished, unrefined. Beauty is at hand and it is raw. The moment is not beautiful potential, its just beauty.  You don’t have to force it. It exists. Just notice it.

It demands to be seen and called out. 


You too are a piece of it. And it matters.



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